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Some Nigerian Movies Don't Deserve To Be In The Cinemas -- Rita Dominic Kicks

Movie star Rita Dominic has thrown a log of contemplation amongst filmmakers in the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood over a recent controversial statement

With the current trend of Hollywood first ever black fiction movie, Black Panther which have been making histories as the most aired movie in cinema and also banking the largest figures when it comes to turn over made from the movie. It has also gotten a lot of support from Nigerians and film makers have been begging for same level of support.

Well Rita Dominic is on the neutral side of it, she has voiced out her opinion concerning movies being aired in cinemas.

Rita has issued that not every movie should be allowed into the cinema, instead the film makers should be able to allow quality match the hype of the movie.

“Let the quality of work match the hype! Nollywood #noteverymovie shouldbeincinemas,”she wrote.

This has led to various criticism from other filmmakers, but the actress says she is ready to stand by her words.

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